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Welcome on the home page of the IPO BETON Company





  Soboška cesta 5, SI-9240 LJUTOMER
Telefon: 00386 02 584 94 60
Fax: 00386 02 584 94 61
  About the Company

IPO BETON d.o.o. the company with a long-standing tradition of the production of building elements made of pre-tensioned concrete.

Our 20 year-old tradition of vineyard posts and fence posts manufacturing has led us to the development of a new product, which we have named the orchard post and is used for the protection of orchards from hail.

With long-term investments in the expansion of production and development we now reached the point where the pre-tensioned concrete lintels, brick lintels and ceiling carriers have become our leading program.

We are among the first companies in Slovenia who started to use self-compacting concrete in the production of concrete lintels.

We have established ourselves as the Slovenia`s number one exporter of these products to the EU-countries. Previous year we sold more than 150.000 running meters, which accounts for 45% of our production.


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